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» Health Action Day « claudia 02/13/10 16:10
On 14.11.2009 was held in the 6th Pengo Health Action Days.
We were allowed to be present and have taken the opportunity to take photos.
» A water well for Pengo after all?! « SvenjaDel 04/07/11 11:32
In November 2009 we decided together not to fund a water well in Pengo. - But sometimes things turn out different!
» Healthy Food for the Children in Pengo « claudia 02/17/10 13:16
In the last quarter of 2009 the headmaster of the Tserezani Primary School managed that the children of Pengo participate on the feeding program. But maize - every day only maize?!?!?
We start now our own prgramm - the children get healthy food - but only with your help.
» Sabrina Women Group « SvenjaDel 01/06/12 12:37
Capacity building for Pengo's single mothers!
» No well for Pengo « claudia 02/09/10 13:51
Fortunately for (almost) everything there is a solution!
» Statusreport March 2010 « SvenjaDel 11/13/10 20:09
Many things happend at Sabrina Primary School Bwagamoyo in the last month. But there are many more things to do. We concluded the most importend issues.
» Statusreport September 2010 « SvenjaDel 12/30/10 22:09
The actual situation at Sabrina Primary School at the time of our Kenya-visitation in September/October 2010.
» Planning the toilet facilities « claudia 01/23/13 16:47
Here we show you the calculation of the toilet facilities.
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