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» The Tuktuk for Mwaluphamba « claudia 03/23/13 19:47
A exotic emergency vehicle for the dispensary in the Shimba Hills.
(We thank Svenja for the translation.)
» Mwaluphamba in 2012 « claudia 03/23/13 19:47
This is a brief summary about what we cocertedly achieved for the people which are attended by the small dispensary of Mwaluphamba.
(We thank Andreas for the translation.)
» The microscope for Mwaluphamba « Bert 05/13/12 13:09
How you can practise help for self-help with a donated microscope. - A success story of a special kind!
» Dispensary in Mwaluphamba September 2010 « SvenjaDel 04/30/12 07:41
It will take a long time before the small dispensary in the Shimba Hills has nearly the standard of a rural doctor'sl practice in Europe.
» The Dispensary in Mwaluphamba « SvenjaDel 11/21/10 21:52
For the village people is the smale dispensary the only medical station they can reach. - Also for the people in Pengo. - Some of the children from Pengo are born in this dispensary.
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