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» Glasses and sun protection « SvenjaDel 05/12/11 23:28
Due to an appeal for donations in Munich newspaper "Münchener Merkur" we received more than 700 glasses and sunglasses. We took a part of it to the eye hospital Eyes for Eastafrica in Tiwi already.
» Bilharzia survey - final report « Sabrina 05/19/10 09:51
By the support we received via betterplace and the Tour d'Afrique donators, we could arrange this important study to fight against this dangerous disease.
» Schistosomiasis / Bilharzia « Sabrina 09/20/09 20:33
This disease is a worm infection, which is spread in warm and standing waters by snails, which function as an intermediate host.
» Save lifes in Kwale District « Sabrina 07/11/09 13:08
They have the fundamental inoculation equipment (against measles, polio etc.). But the lifesaving compounds and the appendant material are missing. Here you find the emergency call from the Kwale Hospital (e-mail) and the information of the individual topics.

Thanks to all the donators!!! Part I, II and III of the project are fulfilled. The snake serum, the anti-rabies inoculation and the cholera-rescue-kit are already in the hospital!!!
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