Happy Easter to all of you!(The good wishes are given by our fostered elefant orphan Mudanda. She is 1,5 year old and is living in the stockages of DWST in Voi where she is prepared to live in the wild one day)..

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claudia wrote at 02/04/10 10:30 in english − updated at 04/21/13 11:43
Healthy food for the children
Due to the healthy food the children of the Sabrina Primary School/Bwagamoyo Nursery School are getting they are in a healthy condition, they are efficient at school and the financial burden of their famlies is eased.

After getting the real number of children we had to recalculate the needs for food. Therefore some needs increased. Currently you see the need for June. Thanks to Ralf and his colleagues we have already financed the additional need for May.

Thanks to our foster parents Renate, Karl, Carlos, Ronald und Helga, the donations out of the charity action of Walti, the donation of Ralf and his colleagues, the additional donation of Carlos, Eva, Gisela and Jürgen, Andreas, Marvin, Marleen and the anonymous (payback-)donators the additional need for March and May as well as several need for June are already fulfilled. Currently there is an open amout of
179,00 Euro.

The schoolfeeding for January 2013 was financed completely by a generous donation of Doris and Walter. Many thanks also to Waldemar, Andy, Anna, Michael, the Christ Child with Jakob and Moritz, Petra, Dirk, Andreas, Renate, the guest of "Pension Elsbeth", Petra (multiple), Alfred, Simone, Alex, Marion and Frank, Max, Nina, Sascha, Achim, Achim and Andrea, Carlos, Bernhard, Carolin, Niklas, Marleen (multiple), the pupils of "Johann Andreas Schmeller Realschule" in Ismaning, Andrea, Carlos, Carolin, some donations of anonymous betterplace- and payback-donators. All this donations together with the content of the donation-box of the bakery of Johanneskirchner Gartenstadt ensured that we could finance February-, March- and May-needs (in April there are school holidasy).

Please hellp us to continue this important project also in 2013. The children of Pengo will thank you their health and the necessary energy to learn.

We will continue the school feeding program at Sabrina Primary School/Bwagamoyo Nursery School in Pengo/Kenya also in 2013.

The children are getting Uji (a kind of millet porridge) for breakfast - because many of them come to school with an empty stomach - and a healthy and balanced lunch.

The drought of the last years and the famine in East-Africa is also noticeable in Kwale District.The last harvest was bad and the forecast for the next one is not much better.

Due to the higher prices for food in Kenya we had to recalculate the needs for the school-feeding-program.
For the new need of about 2,60 ¤ per child per month we took in account the prices of 2012. For this amount the pupils of Sabrina Primary School and Bwagamoyo Nursery School will get a breakfast and a healthy and balanced lunch on each school-day. The children are satisfied, stay healthy and the financial burden on the families is reduced.

In spite of the unchanged costs for the food the total need has increased considerably. Since January 2013 there is a new class and now we have 374 children instead of the 270 last year.

Please help us to manage this higher financial need and thus ensure the health of the children of Pengo furthermore. Since the start of the school-feeding-program (in the beginning of 2010) the state of health of the children improved permanently and recognisably.

What about a sponsoring for 10,40 Euro each month? This satisfies 4 children.
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