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In cooperation with the people from Pengo since spring 2008 we have achieved a lot

The PENGO BWAGAMOYA NURSERY SCHOOL once was only a small hut made from clay, there where no furniture no bools and no writing materials at all. The next Primary School is nore than km away.

The following reports describe the events happened in Pengo.
Title Author Date
» Report of headmaster Maneno Shehe - July 2015 « burainer 08/17/15 19:33
In July a lot of things happened. Here is his report from July 2015.
» Report of headmaster Maneno Shehe - June 2015 « burainer 08/02/15 12:28
Who else could write better about the school than the the headermaster Maneno Shehe himself. Here is is report from June 2015.
» What's going to happen "afterwards"? « claudia 04/19/13 07:53
By now construction works in Sabrina Primary School in Pengo are at a point where we need to think about what happens after.
(Translated by Svenja and her friends. Thank you for your support)
» Farming Projekt in Pengo « claudia 03/23/13 20:03
This project runs on the compound of Sabrina Primary School but it is a separate project. Nevertheless the school will have profit from it: healthy vegetables for the school feeding.
(We thank Svenja for the translation.)
» A school hall for Pengo « claudia 02/17/13 20:20
After building the new school kitchen, we have to built a school hall.
» A new kitchen for Pengo « claudia 01/25/13 21:24
After doing more for the hygienic we have to do the next necessary thing. The Sabrina Primary School Bwagamoyo needs a new kitchen. Now!!!
» Pengo 2012 « claudia 03/23/13 19:45
Here you find the summary of all important projects in Pengo in 2012 and how we will go on in 2013.
(We thank Svenja for the translation.)
» Building of a toilet « claudia 02/02/13 23:21
Since our last journey to Kenya we started the building of the toilet facilities in Pengo.
» Why are toilet facilities so important? « claudia 03/23/13 19:41
Since we are planning the toilet facilities at the Sabrina Primary School we are always faced with this question. - Here you find some facts.
(We thank Svenja for the translation.)
» Even teachers are hungry « SvenjaDel 06/09/12 11:47
Teachers and the two guards from Sabrina Primary School/Bwagamoyo Nursery School need financial support to be able to survive with their work. - We outlined the reasons in this short report.
» Waterdistribution « Bert 06/09/12 11:46
Meanwhile water is available on several places on the compound of Sabrina Primary School! - Here you can read what happened in time since November 2011 until April 2012 after drilling the borehole.
» Water!!! « SvenjaDel 02/23/12 22:51
Only 2 years of work for having water supply on school grounds: The last two week's roller coaster drive.
» Sabrina Primary School Bwagamoyo « SvenjaDel 09/20/10 17:21
We really did it: The school was officially opened at 15th November 2009
» Fighting Jiggers « claudia 02/13/10 16:33
Jigger is a parasitic infestation of sand fleas.
This infection leads to serious infections and open sores of the skin up to the death of the skin.
A part of the 6th Health Action Day was the fight against jiggers.
Title Author Date
Only since 2006 the Primary School (class 1 to 8) in Kenya is free of charge. Before 2006 only a few parents could afford to provide school education for their children.

For sure this a step in the right direction. But for the pupils nearly everything is missing. There are not enough classrooms, only a few books are available and too few writing material for all the children which are now visiting the public Primary Schools. In many schools the pupils are sitting on the soil because they do not have desks.

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