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This time on tour: Gisi Gartmair

The picture of Gisi was made by a rider coleague in the beginning of March in the northern Kenia (in Moyale - border town between Ethiopia and Kenya). Thank you Gerald, that we can put it on our site.

Gisi cycled 11,884 kilometers through 10 African countries in 120 days (96 cycling days)..

For each kilometer of the Tour d'Afrique she wants to collect 3 Euro donations. 95% of the collected money will be used for our projects and 5 % will be given to the d'Afrique Foundation.

On the 9th of June 2010 there are donations for the first 941 km in. - Gisi drove the 11,8840 km. - To catch her up we need many many cents soon.
We thank Gisi very much for her unbelieveble activity and all donators for there aid.
17th May 2010 - Last words
On Saturday noon the Tour d'Afrique came to an end at the Waterfront in Cap Town after 120 days.

Now we have the official results: Gisi has reach her goal:

1Stuart Briggs398:26:00Australia
2Gisela Gartmair404:34:00Germany
3Jethro de Decker414:11:00South Africa
7Juliana Austin-Olsen452:38:00Canada
11Jennifer Crake531:33:00Canada

She passed the finish-line as fastest women and on overall rank 2. And she is one of the 12 drivers who drove every fabulous inch of the tour on their own. The picture is the proof, these are Gisi's medals.

We gratulate Gisi to her tremendous success and thank also for the huge amount of donation which we received for our projects due to this spectacular action.

The picture is from "Tour d'Afrique". More pictures of the tour's ending you will find here
claudia am 05/17/10 at 09:41
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15th May 2010 - Cap Town
Since we noticed that a lot of visitors are looking to this TDA-Blog:

We are also waiting longingly for news from South Africa!

If everything went according to the plan, the drivers have passed the finish-line at 13:00. Some weeks ago the TDA wrote on their blog about what the drivers and their relatives will expect in Capetown.

We think that we will get the first news during the evening.

We promise: As soon as we have news, we will post it here!!!
claudia am 05/15/10 at 17:04
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14th May 2010 - The night before the final spurt
It is unbelievable, but in some minutes the day starts on which the Tour d'Afrique will come to an end.

The drivers will pass the finish-line in Capetown around 13.00. If it is a strange feeling for us that a fascinating time will be over, how must it be for all the participants.

Regardless of which rank the drivers have achieved, whether they made the tour in race-mode or not, all have done an incredible performance.

Our special admiration goes off course to Gisi, who will finish the race on overall-rank 2.

But we will finally congratulate after passing the finish-line and after the got off her "Rotor"-bike, which took her reliable from country to country through this wonderfull continent.
claudia am 05/14/10 at 23:57
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13th May 2010 - Diamond Coast
The drivers have to suffer until the very end. Today they saw the ocean for the first time since they left Safaga, Egypt in January. But they had to drive the whole day in relentlessly pouring rain.

80% of the drivers and the staff have wussed out of camping in the rain and are in a hotel. Some of the diehard-campers are spending the night in their tents (I think Gisi is one of them).

Today also was the last raceday: the motto for the next two days is: just arrive. Unfortunately we haven't got any current results from the TDA. But hopefully we will have them until Saturday so that we know at which overall position Gisi will pass the finish-line.
burainer am 05/13/10 at 21:14
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11th May 2010 - Diamond Coast
Winter in South Africa. It is cool and wet.

The drivers are riding themselves warm.

Sunil, one of the riders, has posted via twitter, that there were snowrain this morning and they had to put on shirts with long arms.
claudia am 05/11/10 at 09:47
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10th May 2010 - Diamond Coast
After a restday at the banks of the Orange River the drivers have crossed the border into South Africa. The countdown has started.

The last 800 km to Capetown will be done without any further restday.

We will follow these remaining days and cross finger for Gisi to reach the finish line on Saturday savely.
claudia am 05/10/10 at 11:07
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8th May 2010 - Diamond Coast
Since tomorrow will be the last restday of the Tour d'Afrique the drivers will reach South Africa on monday.

The words of Sunil, one of the drivers, let us become a little bit wistful:

Last rest day of the trip. We're camped on a river. Across the river, less than 100 metres away is South Africa. Amazing. I think a bottle of Amarula is necessary to celebrate this milestone.

We don't know Gisi's result of todays mando-day, but we will post it as soon as we have got it.

We are wishing Kriki a good flight tomorrow to South Africa and send a big suitcase of good wishes for Gisi with him.

We would like to be there when Gisi drives over the finish-line. On one hand to gratulate her for her enromous performance, on the other hand to thank her for all what she has achieved with her spectacular action for the people of Kwale District.

claudia am 05/08/10 at 20:45
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7th May 2010 - Diamond Coast
Todays stage took the drivers over 110 km from Seeheim into the Hobas Rest camp. The road was besides the Canyon Nature Parks vorbei.

Tomorrow will be the last "mando" - day. The fastest male and female (my guess is Gisi) driver of a mando-day will receive a time-bonus of 30 minutes.

Tomorrow the riders will also reach the last country of their adventure, Southafrica and will the last restdays before the final countdown.
burainer am 05/07/10 at 23:16
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