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About this site
Last updated ar: 05/06/2008.

Here you find all worth knowing about the development of the website, the planed enhancements and the technical backgrounds.

History of the website

05/25/2008 Changing to new provider Strato AG.
Between November 2007 and today there was continous work on this page. Here are the new features:
Vocabletrainer for Kiswahili,
Internal forum for club members,
09/11/2007 Finally activated the shoutbox.
08/04/2007 Finally it's done! The site is available in english.
04/28/2007 New mainmenu-entry «Links» including submenu-entries «Travelinformations» and «Misc».
04/28/2007 Redesign of the mainmenu-structure - new mainmenu-entry «Projects» including the submenu-entries «Press», «Pictures», «Medical Centre», «School», «orphans home» and «Container», which will be filled in the next days and weeks. Renamed mainmenu-entry «Guestbook» to «Current».
Moved submenu-entry «News» from mainmenu-entry «Home» to «Current». Renamed mainmenu-entry «Galery» to «Kenya».
Uploaded Fabians Kenya-pictures into several picture-serials. This was a very long and a very productive evening and we had a lot of fun.
04/24/2007 Released submenu-entry «Country and Peoply» under mainmenu-entry «Galery».
03/26/2007 Comments are possible on each picture.
03/15/2007 Enabled an introduction for each picture-serial.
03/14/2007 Released submenu-entry «Pictures» under mainmenu-entry «Galery».
Released submenu-entry «News» under mainmenu-entry «Home».
03/13/2007 Released mainmenu-entry «Galery» with submenu-entry «Press».
03/07/2007 Released forum and user-registration.
Feb. to Mar. 2007 Creation of first Version

Planed enhancements

period planed enhancement
03.2007 Release of the galery - contains picture-serials, reports and application for memebership.
04.2007 Possibility to register on this site. Registered users may:
  • discuss in the forum,
  • receive the newsletter,
later On the long run this website shall be available in three languages (German, English, Kiswahili).

Technical backgrounds

The complete website was written in PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript according to the pattern and samples from Philipp Rieber's book «Dynamische Webseiten in der Praxis».
On this occassion I have to kudos to Philipp Rieber for his well structured and easy to understand book. And I also have to kudos to Philipp Rieber for the licence-free usage of the sample-code.
This website is hosted by the company Strato AG.
Last updated ar: 05/26/2008.
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