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Dear visitor,
welcome on our website!

Africa ... ... hearing this «word» most of the people are thinking of:
endless savannah, enormous flocks of animals covered by a neverending sky.

The colors of africa are warm and cosy and the air is clean. This will allow you a wide view over this beautyful country.


But africa are also the people. I do not know many African, but those, which I became acquainted with, are not only beautiful and proud humans, they are also intelligent humans and they retained their traditions and ways of life − although often only in secret. But that is not easy, because most of the families are very poor.

So that the poverty becomes not always worse, it is importand to help the people. Therein I see our task as a European (even if our generation is not causally liable for the misery of the people). That does not means that they will be covered again with more «civilization», but that we help them to help themselves.

But what is the best way to help? How do you know where to help, how to help, whom to help?

Meanwhile we met people from Kenya - either here in Munich or in Kenya. They help us to understand their mentality and needs. They help us to open our eyes. Often it happens that people who wanst to help start at the wrong points and use the wrong means. Due to this it may happen that those who already have enough get additionl help. But those who have nothing and live from one day to next stay in the background and never will be notices by the «helpers».

On our visit in Ukunda in August 2007 we met a lot of people and made a lot of experiences. We can now use these experiences for this new club.

We decided together with the other new club members to support a medical institution, a school and the childrens home of our partner-club «Don't just say it, do it!» in Kwale District (Ukunda belongs to this district).

Supporting the people from Kwale District will take several years and there will be a some changes we will have to face. Therefore we are looking for people who are willing to work together with us to give some people in Africa the chance for a better future. − We cannot save the whole world...

Many people already visited this site. We are happy about everybody who finds us in the world wide web und supports us in our «Assistance to the self-help».

Each donation that we get will reach Kenya and those who need help.

Each cent help! Please help also! We look forward for you!

Suggestions and critics can be sent to info@kwale.org.

Enjoy our site

Today is 25.01.2022, 15:34 clock.

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